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Patrick Snow has spent over ten years of his life developing this unique system that is designed to save you both time and money in your quest to achieve your publishing and book promotion goals. He is a professional speaker, publishing coach, book promotion coach, and speaker coach. His one-of-a-kind unique system, is guaranteed to help you get published within 3-18 months, and turn your book into a best-seller within 1-3 years, if you follow his system.

Patrick has come full circle with his book in the publishing industry. In 1996 he could not find a publisher for his book so he decided to self publish (which is the only way to guarantee you will ever get published). After a considerable investment of both time and money, Creating Your Own Destiny was self published in 2001. Over the last nine years Patrick has turned his book into an international bestseller, attracted the attention of several New York publishers and then recently signed a major two-book publishing deal with John Wiley & Sons. Wiley is a 200 plus year-old multi-billion dollar publishing company that is the number one business book publisher in the world.

Creating Your Own Destiny will be republished by Wiley in April 2010. Patrick's second book, The Affluent Entrepreneur, will also be published by Wiley in December 2010. As a result of his experience, Patrick is fully ready to help you do the same: self publish your book, turn it into a bestseller and then get you and your book noticed by major publishers. He will also help you turn your book into a lead-generating tool and build a very lucrative speaking, coaching and consulting career.

Dan Poynter, publishing guru and author of the Self-Publishing Manual, defines a best-selling book as 35,000 copies sold. Therefore, Patrick's goal is to help you get published and sell 35,000 copies ASAP. His system will help you become a best-selling author and launch your coaching, speaking, and consulting career. According to the PMA, 98% of authors will never sell more than 2,000 books! Having sold over 150,000 of Creating Your Own Destiny, Patrick knows what it takes to turn your book into a best-seller and reach this top 2% category. Let Patrick Snow show you how...

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