Creating Your Own Destiny

By Patrick Snow
You Know What You Want...
Now here’s how to get it!
"Patrick Snow’s Creating Your Own Destiny is the most energetic and inspiring book written about fulfilling your dreams and finding true happiness in life. While thousands of self-help and motivational books exist in the marketplace, this book should be at the top of the list for everyone who wants to improve his or her life. I have had the incredible honor to talk to Patrick Snow in person and to hear him speak in public, and I can truly say he is the genuine article, a man whose energy and incredible gift of vision can help you succeed, a man who truly wants each of us to create our own destinies and choose to live the lives we deserve." - Tyler Tichelaar

  • You will discover how to:
    • Visualize your desires future then make this your current reality
    • Attain all of your goals and dreams while keeping your family a top priority
    • Build wealth, prosperity and freedom through business ownership
    • Transform your current circumstances and adversities into your own university
    • Find Powerful solutions for overcoming fears, failures, and other obstacles
    • Take action and turn your career distress into personal success
    • Grow your business on a limited budget and become a successful entrepreneur
    • Reclaim your health and get into the best shape of your life
    • Experience more time, money, freedom, health, love, and happiness in life
    • Discover how to apply the ultimate success secret to get what you want

The Affluent Entrepreneur

By Patrick Snow

  • Inspiring and enlightening profiles of the successes and failures of 20 billionaire entrepreneurs
  • Exercises to discover your strengths, red flags to help your recognize your obstacles, and real-life business strategies to attract your target market
  • Tactics for developing a “no matter what” mind-set to overcome all adversities while building your business
  • Ideas, strategies, and proven techniques, including how to form a “mastermind” group that can accelerate your business success
  • A unique prospecting system that will allow you to surpass your revenue goals year after year
  • And much more!

Your Ultimate Sales Force

Mary and Patrick are contributing authors to Your ultimate Sales Force with 9 other authors.
Your Ultimate Sales Force is a phenomenal sales & marketing book that addresses the issues of being worthy of referrals and the mechanics of generating referrals. It is a collaborative effort of real-world business people that contains immense and oft-times counter-intuitive wisdom and lessons from the school of hard-knocks. Their insights, if acted on, could jet-propel your career and your life forward to where you really want to be.

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  • What's Inside:
    • Personal Growth and Development - Be Complete and enjoy your days, at home AND at work!
    • Designing your career and your life
    • The Philosophies of fine living and attaining the Good Life
    • Mastering your Time
    • Massively Impacting Your Bottom Line
    • Reaching the Masses with your message
    • Step by Step mechanics in Sales, Marketing, and Management for business and life relationships.
    • And Much More!
  • Mary’s chapters are:
    • Be A Connector—this chapter teaches numerous ways to connect with other business people and build relationships
    • Mentors
    • Mary is passionate about networking and prospecting. She’s been called :The Networking Queen” “The Mary West Network” “6 Degrees To Mary West” and most recently “The Prospecting Goddess”.
      Enjoy and benefit from the entire book. Her favorite chapter is “Delight Your Network” by Bob Ingram.

Patrick Snow’s other books

  • Coming Soon
    • The Affluent Entrepreneur: 20 Proven Principles for Achieving Prosperity
    • Becoming a Best-Selling Author: How To Turn Your Book Into a Lead-Generating Tool to Expand Your Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting Business
    Books he is a contributing author of
    • Chicken Soup for The Soul: Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction
    • Your ultimate Sales Force

Mary's Upcoming Book

  • Networking and Prospecting Your Way To Wealth by Mary West
    • Due out July of 2010

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