Your Ultimate Sales Force

Mary and Patrick are contributing authors to Your ultimate Sales Force with 9 other authors.
Your Ultimate Sales Force is a phenomenal sales & marketing book that addresses the issues of being worthy of referrals and the mechanics of generating referrals. It is a collaborative effort of real-world business people that contains immense and oft-times counter-intuitive wisdom and lessons from the school of hard-knocks. Their insights, if acted on, could jet-propel your career and your life forward to where you really want to be.

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  • What's Inside:
    • Personal Growth and Development - Be Complete and enjoy your days, at home AND at work!
    • Designing your career and your life
    • The Philosophies of fine living and attaining the Good Life
    • Mastering your Time
    • Massively Impacting Your Bottom Line
    • Reaching the Masses with your message
    • Step by Step mechanics in Sales, Marketing, and Management for business and life relationships.
    • And Much More!
  • Mary’s chapters are:
    • Be A Connector—this chapter teaches numerous ways to connect with other business people and build relationships
    • Mentors
    • Mary is passionate about networking and prospecting. She’s been called :The Networking Queen” “The Mary West Network” “6 Degrees To Mary West” and most recently “The Prospecting Goddess”.
      Enjoy and benefit from the entire book. Her favorite chapter is “Delight Your Network” by Bob Ingram.